Meteosat Third Generation full constellation

Joint MTG LI MAG & GOES-R GLM workshop, May 2015

Meteosat Third Generation full constellation
Meteosat Third Generation full constellation

Held: 27-29 May, 2015, Rome, Italy

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15 March 2021

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23 April 2020



Category Title Presenter/s
  MTG Status Rolf Stuhlmann
  GOES-R Status Steve Goodman
  MTG LI: instrument and mission status Philip Willemsen
Algorithms MTG LI: L0-L1b algorithm concepts and status, filtering algorithm development update Vincent Crombez
Algorithms MTG LI: L2 concepts & algorithms Jochen Grandell
Algorithms Use of LI proxy data for user readiness experiments Antti Mäkelä
Algorithms GOES-R GLM: L1b algorithm development Hugh Christian
Algorithms Lightning jump science and applications Larry Carey
General Lightning observations during the GLM-CHUVA campaign and implications for MTG-LI proxy data generation Hartmut Höller
General Evaluating lightning detection signatures at different technologies: A contribution to GOES-R and MTG Rachel Albrecht
General Update on project SOLID (Space-based Optical LIghtning Detection) Eric Defer
General Assimilation of lightning data into NWP Philippe Lopez
General LTG DA work with the NSSL WRF Dan MacGorman
General Lightning NOx (LNOx) Bill Koshak
Cal/Val MTG LI: Calibration and L1b validation concept Marcel Dobber
Cal/Val MTG LI: L2 product validation concept Jochen Grandell
Cal/Val GOES-R Post launch Test (PLT) / Post Launch Product Test (PLPT) strategy and plans Bob Iacovazzi
Cal/Val GLM calibration update Pete Armstrong
Cal/Val GLM INR and instrument performance evaluation Dennis Buechler
Cal/Val Airborne GLM Simulator (FEGS) Mason Quick
Cal/Val Deep Dive tools for GLM performance assessment Ken Cummins
Cal/Val GLM on-orbit validation with HAMMA Phillip Bitzer
Cal/Val VALID validation tool Monte Bateman
Cal/Val Description of the individual GLM on orbit tests Doug Mach
Cal/Val Evaluating Ground-Based Lightning Detection Networks relative to TRMM/LIS Scott Rudlosky
Cal/Val Planned PLT/PLPT GOES-R field campaigns and report on the GOES-R April planning workshop Frank Padula
Cal/Val Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) on ISS and plans for sustained ground measurements in support of GLM Cal/Val Richard Blakeslee
Ground-based LLS for cross-validation ATDnet Sven-Erik Enno
Ground-based LLS for cross-validation STARNET Carlos Morales
Ground-based LLS for cross-validation EUCLID: 20 years of high resolution lightning observations over Europe Stéphane Pédeboy
Ground-based LLS for cross-validation Vaisala lightning location products Amitabh Nag
Ground-based LLS for cross-validation Performance validation of the European lightning location system EUCLID Wolfgang Schulz
Ground-based LLS for cross-validation LINET data & products Hans-Dieter Betz
Ground-based LLS for cross-validation Earth Networks Stan Heckman
Ground-based LLS for cross-validation Corsica LMA Eric Defer
Ground-based LLS for cross-validation Efforts relating to LMA flash size and flash energy Eric Bruning
Ground-based LLS for cross-validation LMA data and transient luminosity from high speed video recording of lightning at the Ebro Valley Laboratory in Spain and LMA in Colombia Ferran Fabro, Nicolau Pineda
Other space-based observations ASIM Torsten Neubert
Other space-based observations TARANIS Thomas Farges
Other space-based observations AGILE and Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes M. Tavani