Storing the data


Our state-of-the-art archive of satellite data


All of the satellite data and products generated at EUMETSAT are archived in the EUMETSAT Data Centre and can be retrieved on demand.

Last Updated

10 January 2024

Published on

08 May 2023

The purpose of the EUMETSAT Data Centre is to:

  • guarantee the long-term preservation of data and products generated from EUMETSAT’s meteorological satellites
  • enable data users to browse, make automated orders, and retrieve data from EUMETSAT's catalogue of products

Established in 1995, the EUMETSAT Data Centre has evolved to become a state-of-the-art archive serving all of our satellite programmes. Records span more than 40 years, with Meteosat data stretching back to 1981. The data centre offers one of Europe’s largest and most comprehensive collections in this field.