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EUMETSAT offers a small number of internships every year to students on courses with mandatory internship requirements

Internships A Spot
Internships A Spot

EUMETSAT offers a small number of internships every year to students on courses with mandatory internship requirements

Last Updated

07 August 2023

Published on

17 April 2020

Internship placements are designed to provide experience in space systems engineering, satellite meteorology, or in work as a public, international organisation.

Placements are from one to maximum six months in duration. Please note that internship positions at EUMETSAT are offered as opportunities to develop your working-experience during your studies. EUMETSAT internships will not develop into a permanent position.

Eligibility for a placement

You must be a national of a Member or Cooperating State of EUMETSAT, and preferably studying in a university in a Member or Cooperating State;

Internship must be recognised by your educational institution as part of your course of studies;

  • You must be 18 years or over and have completed at least two years of your degree course;

  • You must be able to communicate in English and/or French at a level appropriate for the internship;

  • We will expect you to demonstrate skills in Communication, Team Working, Learning Orientation and Innovation & Initiative.

When applying please specifically mention:

Which nationality or nationalities you possess;

Which internship placement you are applying for.

A selection panel will assess your application against the criteria for the internship, and will create a short list of applicants for interview.

If you are shortlisted, the workplace supervisor of the internship will contact you to arrange an interview. Interviews will normally be by phone or video-call.

Interviews are structured around how your studies, your career aspirations and your development potential fit with the knowledge and skills of the internship. Our aim is to ensure that the internship is offered to someone who will be able to benefit from the opportunity, so be prepared to talk about what you expect to learn from the internship and how it will help your future career (see also our webpage Preparing for Interviews for other general advice).

Once the selection decision has been made we will inform you whether or not you have been selected. If you are not selected, we will, on request, give you feedback on your application and/or interview.

Remuneration & Expenses

No salary is paid to interns who are still in studies, however a daily allowance and contribution to travel / accommodation costs may be provided. The conditions will be established taking into account the requirements and policy of the intern’s educational institution.

Interns are responsible for providing their own health and accident insurance and for finding their own accommodation in Darmstadt.