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Training & Development A Spot
Training & Development A Spot

As an international operational meteorological and technical organisation, the continued development of our staff is essential.

Last Updated

16 October 2023

Published on

21 April 2020

EUMETSAT’s staff training policy is designed to provide a system and programme of training for staff which will enable them to carry out their duties and develop their skills effectively and efficiently. The policy also takes into consideration training requirements arising from the needs of current and future satellite programmes, and to enable staff to progress their careers within EUMETSAT and beyond. Every member of staff has an individual development plan agreed with their manager as part of the annual appraisal process, and we invest heavily to ensure that in partnership, staff get the training support they need.

Language training

Staff members who wish to further improve their linguistic skills for professional or personal reasons can take advantage of EUMETSAT’s in-house classes run by native speaking teachers in each of its official languages, English and French. German classes are also available to help people integrate into their new home environment.

Core skills training

EUMETSAT regularly runs a programme of internal courses on a variety of topics, ranging from IT basics to interpersonal and management skills.

Open learning/self-study

EUMETSAT invests in self-study learning resources, including interactive CD-ROM programmes, video-based learning, as well as books. These resources cover a wide range of topics, and staff may request particular resources to be procured on their behalf. There is also a scientific library on site to serve the professional needs of staff.