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Our Policies A Spot
Our Policies A Spot

Employment as a staff member is subject to an individual possessing the full civil rights of a EUMETSAT Member State country.

Last Updated

12 April 2022

Published on

20 April 2020

Employment is also subject to a medical assessment confirming requisite physical fitness for employment.

The EUMETSAT Convention requires that staff are recruited on the basis of their qualifications, with the international character of EUMETSAT taken into account. EUMETSAT does not operate a nationality quota system but, in recruiting Staff members, the existing geographical distribution of staff members is taken into account.


Appointments at EUMETSAT are not subject to any conditions of sex, marital status, race or religion. EUMETSAT is committed to providing an equal opportunities work environment for men and women.

EUMETSAT is committed to a meritocracy. Other than in special organisational circumstances, all staff vacancies are subject to full and open competition, enabling staff to develop and/or progress in line with their capabilities as organisationally possible.

Duration of Contracts

All staff members are appointed for an initial period of four years, subject to a satisfactory probationary period of six months. The appointments are normally extended after four years subject to business needs and individual performance. Follow-on contracts are offered up to a maximum of 5 years duration and are renewable.

There is no limit to the number of contracts a staff member can receive up to the age of 63 (EUMETSAT’s retirement age). Based on this system, it is entirely possible for staff to establish a long and successful career at EUMETSAT, and indeed many people have, as demonstrated by the following graph on length of service:

Working Hours & Leave

The normal working week at EUMETSAT is 40 hours spread over the period from Monday to Friday with normal business hours from 8.30am – 5.15 pm (4pm on Fridays). In addition to 30 working days’ annual leave and 14.5 public holidays per year, additional leave is also offered for maternity (20 weeks), paternity, as well as for special cases such as sickness of children and family members, and bereavement. Expatriated staff are also entitled to 8 days’ leave every two years to travel home, with passage paid.


To assist staff to balance their professional and personal lives, EUMETSAT offers the benefit of Flexible working hours. This means that, in line with the operational needs of the area that you work in, you will have the flexibility to alter your daily working pattern between the hours of 7am and 8pm in the evening. Within limits, our system also allows you to take additional worked time off as Flexi Leave, including the possibility of one full day off a month.