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The emission missions


How EUMETSAT’s meteorological satellite programmes are helping specialists better understand climate change and its effects

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EUMETSAT’s online presence is evolving!

The EUMETSAT user portal will go live on 10 January 2024 to provide data users with better targeted information and access to data. Consequently, the content of the EUMETSAT website will evolve to cater to the needs of a more general audience at around the same time.

Bookmarks are likely to need updating and we will support you to avoid broken links.

EUMETCast Satellite Operational Service Status Indicator (OSSI)

The indicator reflects the timeliness and availability of the data disseminated by EUMETCast. It does not provide an indication of the data quality. For further information on the status of satellite and data services go to
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Currently unable to connect to status information. Go directly to the OSSI - Operational Service Status Indicator