MSG Sub-Systems A Spot

MSG subsystems


Information on spacecraft support sub-systems

MSG Sub-Systems A Spot
MSG Sub-Systems A Spot

The Meteosat Second Generation spacecraft have a number of support sub-systems.

Last Updated

06 May 2022

Published on

28 May 2020

Mission Communication Payload (MCP) subsystem

MCP contains all antennas and transponders necessary to meet the demanding communication needs of the MSG mission. This includes the acquisition and transmission of SEVIRI and GERB raw data, the delivery of House Keeping Telemetry (HKTM)and the relay of messages from Data Collection Platforms (DCPs) and Search and Rescue (S&R) beacons.

Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) subsystem

The TT&C S/S provides the MSG spacecraft with the capability for receiving and demodulating telecommands, transmitting status and data in the form of spacecraft telemetry, and transponding ranging signals from and to the MSG Ground Stations.