NWP. Credit: peach_adobe

Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP SAF)


Supporting Numerical Weather Prediction activities. Image credit: peach_adobe

NWP. Credit: peach_adobe
NWP. Credit: peach_adobe

The NWP SAF aims to improve and support the interface between satellite data/products and European activities in NWP.

Last Updated

29 September 2022

Published on

23 June 2020

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SAF objectives

The NWP SAF exists to increase the benefits derived from numerical weather prediction by developing techniques for more effective use of satellite data, and to improve the exploitation of data and products from EUMETSAT satellites programmes, and related programmes of other agencies.

To achieve these objectives, the NWP SAF updates, assesses and prioritises user requirements and develops the satellite data processing modules needed to meet those requirements. These include: pre-processing; retrieval and assimilation modules; modules for monitoring, tuning and quality control, and modules for validation of satellite products and of observation operators. It also monitors the quality of many satellite data streams and makes the results available on the web. European National Meteorological Services are the NWP SAF's primary users, but the tools it develops have found a worldwide community of users, with a wide range of research and operational applications extending well beyond NWP. NWP SAF products also underpin activities in international programmes, such as the Copernicus programme.

SAF leader and consortium

NWP SAF products

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