ROM SAF. Credit: alesta/AdobeStock

Radio Occultation Meteorology (ROM SAF)


The ROM SAF generates and archives high-quality GNSS Radio Occultation (RO) data for NWP

ROM SAF. Credit: alesta/AdobeStock
ROM SAF. Credit: alesta/AdobeStock

The Radio Occultation Meteorology Satellite Application Facility (ROM SAF) leverages radio signals to derive comprehensive profiles of the atmosphere, including temperature, pressure, and humidity.

Last Updated

05 September 2023

Published on

18 June 2020

By processing these signals, the ROM SAF contributes well calibrated, accurate and stable data to serve as input in Numerical Weather Prediction Models in near real time. The consistent processing of radio occultation data from various satellite missions over the last decades enables the generation of climate records of essential characteristics, in particular of the upper atmosphere.

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